We have a comprehensive range of products to fulfill each and every requirement of our valued customers. The products we specialize in are BOPP Tapes, Steel Strapping, High pressure laminates, and Card boards Angles.
Packing Materials
We offer a range of cost effective packaging materials for low volume users to high volume users.
We offer a wide range of cost effective steel strapping ranges. Regular Duty and Heat treated high tensile are two grades, produced under strict quality...more>>
We offer wide range of high-quality BOPP tapes which are used by many of leading International companies for a variety of packaging applications...more>>
We offer card board angles to protect the edges and corners of precious products from heavy pressure due to miss handling, transportation and other…more>>
We offer a comprehensive range of laminates like solid color, liner grade, metallic patterns, compact laminates, wood grains, and shall surely satisfy your decor needs....more>>